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OralTox™ 5 Panel Oral Drug Tests

OralTox™ 5 Panel Oral Drug Tests

Type: Oral Fluid Drug Screening


Test Count: 25

Box Contents

25 Tests

Model Drugs Included

OralTox is a FDA 510(k) cleared patented device that identifies the absence or presence of illicit drugs in minutes.

Oral fluid drug testing offers a minimally invasive, observed collection to detect recent drug use with results in minutes. Using oral fluid, the collector can oversee a donor as he or she collects their own oral fluid specimens, reducing the likelihood of tampering or cheating as well as a donor challenge later in the drug testing process. When speed is a high priority, OralTox offers flexibility for hiring events, job fairs, and on-site collections.

OT-Scan™ App

Designed to be used with OralTox, Premier Biotech’s patented lateral flow rapid oral fluid test. The OT-Scan App automates result capturing and reporting, coupled with an easy-to-use interface. Combined, OralTox and OT-Scan provide fast, accurate, and secure results in just minutes, while eliminating manual interpretation. Available for the detection of relevant drugs of abuse, including AMP, COC, MET, OPI, PCP, THC, and more.

Product Details

OralTox Advantages

Quick results in minutes
Collections are observed
Prevents adulteration or substitution
Easy to administer and interpret
Proven accuracy, sensitivity, and reliability
Patented design with one drug per strip
Saturation indicator to ensure specimen collection complete
Built-in gravity feed for sample distribution

Designed for Speed and Reliability

The streamlined design of OralTox ensures the collection process is easy to administer while highly accurate. OralTox features a built-in saturation indicator that changes color when the appropriate specimen amount has been collected. This feature eliminates the guesswork during the collection and helps to reduce recollections stemming from an insufficient oral fluid sample.

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